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Claustrophobic Mega Cities vs Distributed Micro Cities
By building a cluster of connected Micro Cities instead of Mega Cities, we can improve the life of both urban and rural residents. Kill two birds with one stone.
Influence of Shared mobility in the design of a HappiCity
Shared mobility models will heavily influence the design of the parking lots in the residential area or complex. There will be a need to build or identify a dedicated parking lot area for cars under this service so that the users can just walk up to that area and drive away with the first available car.
Best Walkable Commute Experience in HappiCities
One of the goals of HappiCities is to provide the best walk-able commute experience to it’s residence. Imagine a commute of less than 15 minutes by walk, on a travellator in a pedestrian only street through an open or underground mall with a light music playing in the background.
World class roads in Smart Greenfield Cities. Really?
Goal of Project HappiCities is to build MicroCities where pedestrians and emergency vehicles have the right of way, horns are not misused, lane discipline is maintained, new driving rules are followed, driving is pleasurable, commute time is minimal and have zero loss of life due to accidents on roads.