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We wish just earning tons of money could really solve the urban chaos we face today in all MegaCities, like traffic, commute, pollution, water scarcity and unaffordable housing. Unfortunately, no amount of money we earn can ever get us or our family the quality of urban life we want and deserve in current mega cities. Joining us and helping us to make HappiCities a reality offers us a hope for a better life.

We are looking for subject matter experts in the business of building cities and leaders who can think big, bring simple innovation to deep problems, do deep dive research in explored territories, obsess about getting the best urban life to our future customers, owns a task and delivers on time and raises the bar of quality.

We have open working hours and flexible leave policies. We are a team of self-driven passionate people who are empowered to take bold decisions, own the decisions and drive it to completion. We follow Holacracy model of self-managed organization. Even though we don’t report to a “Manager”, each one of us is accountable to everyone else in the company and to our fellow countrymen. We set our own targets and goals, think Big and bring new Ideas on the table, seek advice from the team, discuss, debate and eventually agree to pursue a path that we believe is right. We believe in equal opportunity for all and hate corruption in all forms (money, sexual or racial)

Join this rurban revolution to take India to the league of developed nations in the 21st century and a lead the developing nations by showcasing a model of sustainable and climate friendly urbanization.

Urban Planners & Architects

Civil Engineers

Solar Electricity MicroGrid & Distribution

Water distribution & Sewage

Solid Waste Management & Recycle

Finance & Budgets

Internet Infra and Mobile Communication Towers

Roads & Transport

Government Policies and advisory roles

Engineers – 3D Printing, 3D modelling, AutoCAD

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